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My Box.png

1) My Box
2) #Loser

3) Tell Me Nothing

4) Flashing Green

5) I Don't Know

6) Complicated

7) Aurora

8) Tunnels

9) The Light that Shines on You

Dr. Robert Edwards: Artist of album cover

The Story

I wrote the lyrics to the song, "My Box" in May of 2018. The inspiration came from the idea that we are all in our own unique worlds, and sometimes we have the urge to get out and experience something more. It can be comfortable and tempting to stay complacent in whatever we define as our box, but ultimately getting out of our comfort zone and breaking down our walls can be a freeing experience. The easiest thing to do sometimes is to wait on something, but what's the point of waiting? "Why wait to come alive and change your world?" Why wait to try and make a difference? We have been given this life, this chance to make something happen. Why wait an extra day to try and make something that we want happen. I wrote it as a call to get myself out of my box because I was comfortable being complacent in my environment, and I wanted a change.

The rest of the songs on this album were all primarily written before May of 2018 (with a couple of them being lyrically edited within the last year). The album, "My Box" in a way is a reflection of the songs I wrote in my teenage years growing up. The genre of each song is different in its own way as each song was created within the span of 6 years (2013-2018). They all represent a unique phase that I was going through at that moment of my life, and that's why the genre varies throughout the album. I am 21 now, and although these songs are a part of my past, I wanted to release these songs as they are moments and memories that have made a big impact on my life.


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