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Griffen Handshake is an alt-punk band forged in Pittsburgh, PA. Consisting of brothers, Millen (guitar, vocals) and Arjun Schuchert (drums, vocals), the duo released their new single, "Backwards Country" on November 3, 2023. This track will be the lead single to their upcoming EP titled, "Three Strikes and You're Out". The brothers are proud members of the Pittsburgh underground punk scene having played countless shows across their hometown as well as Cleveland, Buffalo, Lancaster, Philadelphia, among others. Their former releases include their EP, "IN YOUR FACE" in December 2022 and their full length album, "My Box", in April 2021.

The handshake is a secret. At least for now.

Arjun Schuchert - Drums, Vocals


Millen Schuchert - Guitar, Lead Vocals

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