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Griffen Handshake is an alt-punk band forged in Pittsburgh, PA. Consisting of brothers, Millen (guitar, vocals) and Arjun Schuchert (drums, vocals), the duo dropped their new EP, "IN YOUR FACE",  on December 30, 2022. Consisting of 5 fast, energetic tracks with both humorous and bold lyrical commentary, "IN YOUR FACE" marks a new territory and sound for the brothers. 


The band's lyrics comment on mental health, social media, dating, and the external pressures of carving out a path in life. The handshake is a secret. At least for now.


All My Friends Wanna Be Doctors
Emergency Exit
Set My Trap
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Pittsburgh punks, Griffen Handshake, ended the year on a high note. Their latest single, "Emergency Exit", is an anthemic new tune that features clever lyricism over a poppy and well-produced instrumental. These guys have been on our radar for a while now, and it looks like they've been busy releasing a steady stream of punk-rooted bangers.

-Havoc Underground

-Plastic Magazine


Covering themes of mental health, the modern phenomenon of social media and the struggles of finding your way in life, they inject their stark and reflective lyricism into their energy-charged rock sound.

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